Tips On How To Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

In a world that is quickly becoming fast paced and filling up with rules, it’s hard to be free and creative. And when it comes to your children, the race to achieve high grades and meeting the society’s (mostly) unfair standards can take its toll, and nearly destroy their creative flow.

Suppressing one’s creativity is never a good idea, especially with children. While we know that not all children are born talented, we also know that there’s a chance that a child may possess hidden talents that’s simply waiting for a little encouragement to emerge.

Here are a few tips that may aid you in encouraging your child’s creativity.

Encourage curiosity.

Young children are naturally curious. Encouraging their curiosity at an early age will help increase your child’s creativity and encourage him to attempt new things. While it may be tiring to answer their never ending questions, and easier to push them away, be warned that getting angry at their questions and saying “I don’t know” can stifle their creativity in the long run. While it’s impossible to know all the answers, make it a point to show them that there are ways to find answers. Being supportive when they want to find their answers by themselves is also a good idea.

Being supportive.

When children realize their potential, when they recognize their talents, it’s important that you be supportive. Encouraging them through words and show them that you appreciate their talents. A talent in art? Get good quality drawing supplies? A talent for singing? Pay for singing lessons.

If they’re not interested in getting creative performance in Melbourne, buy them their choice of instruments. Allotting a special place where they needn’t be neat, a place where they can let their creativity run loose is also a good idea.

Showcase their talents.

Having your child’s art work put up on the fridge where everyone can see it is a good way of showing them how much you appreciate their talents. Older children might be a little embarrassed by this though. Consider getting them frames (art work, embroidery projects, and poetry) and have them hung in prominent places in your house.

The gift of time.

Give your child the gift of time. While it’s important that they do their studies well and be active through their sports, it’s also important that they get time to simply explore their talents. This is especially useful when children aren’t even sure what they’re good at. Take time to work on your own creativity too, as children learn by watching their parents. Watching you paint or create your music will encourage them to try it on their own, and find out if they have any talent in it.

What you shouldn’t do.

And finally what you shouldn’t do. Don’t compare. Please. Comparing them and their work with the work of their friends for singing lessons in Melbourne, the neighbors and even their siblings can only lead to disaster. Most children lose all interest to pursue certain creative aspects when they are constantly compared.

Avoid doing the “finishing touches” of your child’s projects. Suppress the “perfectionist” within you in this case, as it will only discourage your child’s creativity and might even make him lazy, knowing that you’re going to finish his project anyway.